Static Communicate focusses on growing its clients business. Whether it’s developing and executing Brand Architecture, Marcomms Strategies, Design, Digital, TVC production, Print management, In-store POS, Product Sourcing, Storage and Distribution, the team at Static have got the nouse and expertise to manage it all. 

Static Communicate was born in 2006 as a print production agency and over that time has been carefully nurtured by its founder Simon Skelton.

Since then the business has seen an ever increasing shift in client requirements and service expectations, the question then has to be asked - why? Was it because clients saw traditional agency models as slow and expensive? Was it that they could trust Static to better understand their business and actually GET SHIT DONE? Or perhaps a combination of both.

Which ever the reason Static has gone on to broaden its offering and has now acquired the experience and expertise to build an effective full service, hybrid agency. “What’s that?” Basically an organisation that can do whatever is required to build their clients business.


STATIC Communicate embraces creativity and offers solutions that work and build our clients business.

We deliver print management and associated services seamlessly executed across all disciplines.



If the saying that ‘you’re only as good as your last job’ is true. Then we’d only show one piece and what a shame that would be as there’s so much good stuff we’ve done.


So if you'd like to see a portfolio of some of our work or a list of our clients and what we have done for them, just drop us a line. We're happy to share. 


BONUS! We're in Kingsland so coffee's always good around these parts.

We can't wait to hear from you

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Parnell, Auckland 1052

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